Metamorphosis Foundation announces:

Request for Applications

To support the actions of civil society organization
within the project “Accountability through Citizen Engagement”
implemented with financial assistance from the British Embassy

The project will provide support to civil society organizations to tackle issues related to accountability, transparency and social cohesion and to promote good governance by awarding approximately 10 small grants to CSOs in Macedonia (ranging between 2000 GBP to 5000 GBP).

These grants will support initiatives aimed at increasing public knowledge and scrutiny over performance of public institutions, as well as civic actions addressing/promoting community values related to Rule of Law, Good Governance and Social Cohesion.

The applicants must demonstrate commitment to cooperate with other CSOs, civic groups and different stakeholders in their respective communities. Gender equality and ethnic diversity are expected to be promoted by the applicants and the project activities.

These grants should contribute to the achievement of the overall objectives of the project:

  • Enhancing the involvement of civil society in the creation of public opinion, policy making and participation in the decision making mechanisms;
  • Increasing capacities of civil society to build its constituencies and tackle issues related to accountability, transparency and social cohesion.

Priority areas of intervention:

  • Media Literacy
  • Public Services at Local Level
  • Projects for improvement of public health of marginalized groups
  • Accountability and Public Finances
  • Rule of Law and Justice
  • Strenghtening CSO Sustainability
  • Protection of the Living Environment
  • Youth Integration
  • Social Cohesion

The full description of the call, as well as the application forms can be found at the following links.

  • Call to support the actions of networks of civil society organizations (EN, MK, SQ) CORRIGENDUM: Correction in the manner of submission of applications – Send your applications ONLY via e-mail
  • Application Form (MK, SQ)
  • Budget Form (MK, SQ)
  • Timеframe Form (MK, SQ)

Deadline for submission of complete applications: October 24, 2016 at 16:00 hrs, exclusively by e-mail via the address Application forms can be completed using Macedonian or Albanian language.

Applicants that would need clarifications or need additional information about the competition, are invited to send them by e-mail to before October 14, so they can receive the responses in time before the final deadline expires.


Download the Grant Awardee’s list (.pdf)