The fourth constitutive meeting on forming the STEP network took place today at the Dinamika restaurant. The meeting was dedicated to broadening and promoting the strategic and coordinated approach to specific new and strategic markets for tourism and tourism businesses as well as strengthening the foundations, general surrounding and the elements need for strategic achievement and use of new international markets in the tourism industry.


Individual entrepreneurs, representatives of the business community, institutions, civic organizations that have common goals, that is, development of tourism in the region, attended this meeting.

They talked about the project benefits for the target group, and accentuated the need of capacity building and networking of all subjects, manners of functioning of the network as well as the official signing of the application form on the part of the members in order to become a formal part of the network.

Consensual conclusion of the meeting was the idea that the network ought to act as a critic and propellant regarding the operation of the local and central power for strategic approach in the area of tourism.


Shar Mountain is unused touristic diamond, and promoting it as a touristic place cannot be done with a partial approach.

Everyone should focus on building institutional sustainability of the network, prior the end of the project.

They will actively cooperate in the upcoming period with the project team, in order to provide substantial data on their subject.

STEP project is funded by the European Union’s Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, and is implemented by Metamorphosis, Foundation for Internet and Society, in partnership with the Centre for Development of Polog Planning Region and Council of the Elbasan County.