The aim of the workshop was to form mechanisms for awareness raising among the population regarding the proper management and benefits from e-waste, and after debating for several hours the following important conclusions were made:

  • To inform the population about the situation with e-waste and benefits from it through the local media
  • To hire a firm for e-waste collection in the Northeast region, i.e. Kratovo, Kriva Palanka, Probishtip, Rankovce and Kumanovo
  • To establish e-waste collection points in the cities
  • To establish contact with existing companies in the Republic of Macedonia registered for collection and purchase of e-waste
  • To have an insight into the Law on e-waste in Macedonia during the third workshop to be organized within this project and to debate upon this law. The topic of the workshop is to be: ‘Creating appropriate measures for proper management and use of e-waste in Kratovo and the region’, and representatives are to be invited from the Public utility company, the municipality of Kratovo, the Regional Environmental Inspectorate, the NGO and business sector and the local population.