As a consequence of the crisis, in the past period the quality of education received by students in елементарѕ education has inevitably declined, but not for all students equally. The existing economic inequalities, which represented an obstacle even before the crisis, became even more acute and additionally contributed to the difference in the quality of education. Unfortunately, in RNM there are still schools in which internet access is inadequate, and the ICT infrastructure is in poor condition or does not exist at all.



Metamorphosis Foundation, within the project Open Educational Resources, supported by the Foundation Open Society-Macedonia (FOSM), conducted a survey on the state of online teaching, focused on elementary schools in our country. The purpose of this research was to determine the conditions and challenges of online teaching in elementary schools in RNM in the period March – June 2020, and through empirical knowledge to give relevant recommendations for improving the situation and addressing the identified challenges.

We hope that the analysis of the collected data and the recommendations given in this document will contribute to improving the situation with online teaching, to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

You can download the entire research at the following link.