Macedonian search engine Najdi! and Foundation Metamorposis present the Media words of the year – words with the most increased occurrence in the media (*) in the year 2005 compared with their occurrence in the year 2004.

Apart from Johan Tarchulovski and Fatmir Besimi, the list of individuals with the most increased occurrence includes Matthew Nimitz, Olli Renn and Meri Mladenovska – Gjorgjievska. The biggest decrease in occurrence have John Kerry, Sashko Kedev and Agron Buxhaku.

This year just like the last, politics dominated over the lists. The ‘snow’ is the only domestic apolitical topic in the list of 20 most frequently used words.

*Comparison is based on the texts published on the web sites of the following Macedonian daily newspapers: Vest, Dnevnik and Utrinski Vesnik, A1 and Channel 5 TV stations and the portal Idividi. The sites must have had complete archive for the years 2004 and 2005, and to have substantial number of published texts.

For more information contact Petar Kajevski from Najdi! GSM 070/679-689 or Metamorphosis (, tel. 3109 325).

Download the complete text (.pdf, 183 KB) of the analysis or visit the following webpage to read it on line.