The Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, within USAID’s Civic Engagement Project, evaluated the state of good governance in 17 units of local self-government in the Republic of North Macedonia for 2020. The evaluation is the result of research, based on the Openness Index.

On 10 December 2020, an online event was held to promote the results of measuring the openness of LSGUs in 2020. The event was attended by representatives of municipalities and civil society organizations who discussed good practices and necessary measures to improve the situation.

The Openness Index measures local government performance in the area of good governance by focusing on four principles: accessibility, efficiency, integrity and transparency with a common domain present in all four principles – open data. The research was conducted in cooperation with 8 local civil society organizations in the country. Based on the evaluation, recommendations are given for improving the work of the municipalities in the covered areas.

The 2020 research of the Openness Index showed a low level (40%) of compliance with the principles of good governance by the LSGUs. Significant efforts are needed for greater involvement and participation of citizens in the decision-making process at the local level and increasing access to information as one of the ways to reduce corruption. The best results in the measurement for 2020 are shown by the municipality of Ohrid.

The full evaluation of the state of good governance in the local self-government units in the Republic of North Macedonia for 2020 through the Openness Index can be found at the following link.

In the coming period, the Metamorphosis Foundation, within USAID’s Civic Engagement Project, will provide support to improve the openness of the 17 municipalities covered by the 2020 research. In this regard, activities will be implemented to improve the transparency and accountability of municipalities, increase the number of published open data and greater involvement of citizens in decision-making at the local level.