The Open Education Week is a series of events for awareness raising about the open education movement. The third annual Open Education Week is taking place March 10-15, online and offline around the world.

The purpose of the events and resources is to include as many people as possible and present them with the opportunities created by open education and what we can expect.

During this week:

  • Browse through the videos presenting open education projects.
  • View FAQs for open educational resources (OER), for example; how to use, create and share materials.
  • Check out the list of events to find an event that you are interested in. Use open educational resources to learn something new and to share your discoveries with your friends and colleagues.
  • Get involved in some of the free and open courses from the Open school or learn more about thelocation, licensing and use of OER.
  • Visit the Open Education Week website during this week to join the numerous discussions on open education.
  • Download the banner of the Open Education Week to display it on your blog or website.
  • Invite others to learn about the Open Education Week. Tweet using the hashtag #openeducationwk.