More than 20 journalists, researchers and representatives of the civil sector took part in the data visualization training which took place on 3 June 2016, from 10AM to 6PM at the GEM club in Skopje. The first part of the training, which had Ignasi Alcalde as a trainer, who is also a member of the Open Knowledge Foundation and active member of the School of Data network, was dedicated to the theory and history of data visualizations. IMG_20160603_171351

In the second part, the participants were divided in groups, and every group worked of separate visualizations with separate data whereupon they had the opportunity to experience the working process in whole. In addition, three web tools were used during the training: Infogram, Quadrgram and Cartodb, and every participant received free promo codes for professional usage of the Infogram tool for 30 days.

The groups dedicated their visualizations to various topics, among which: the project Skopje 2014, education, ecology and brain drain.

Furthermore, Ignasi Alcalde lives in Barcelona and is teaching at the University of Catalonia and he is also a post-graduate professor for interactive visualizations of information at the UNIR University.

The training was organized by the Foundation Metamorphosis in cooperation with the Open Knowledge Foundation within the project Open Data Civil Society network, with the support of the British Embassy in Skopje. IMG_20160603_173031

The aim of the project, via the formation of the School of Data – Macedonia, is to spur civil society organizations, media and individuals, who promote change, to understand and use official government and other open data to increase government accountability, improve delivery of services and increase citizens engagement in policy making.