Фотографија од тренингот на националната мрежа

The training was organized and conducted by the Metamorphosis Foundation and the national project coordinator Elena Ignatova, and it was attended by all the members of the national e-waste management advocacy network.

Some of the topics covered in the training:

  • Why do electronic devices and e-waste require a special approach
  • How can we minimize the impact of e-waste
  • The situation with e-waste in Macedonia
  • Identifying and analyzing the problem with e-waste
  • Creating an advocacy plan
  • Planning a public campaign to raise the public awareness about e-waste

In the upcoming period the national network will conduct a public awareness raising campaign about the consequences and problems arising from e-waste, as well as an educational campaign for proper e-waste management. More than 30 public events will be organized across the country. Details about the events and the timeframe will soon be available on this website.