The training was conducted by Sally-Jean Shackleton, executive director
of the feminist organization Women’s Net in the South African Republic,
whose current passion is digital story telling, the strengthening of
voices and the use of information and communication technologies as a
tool for making changes in society.

The topic of the training was “Me and ICT”, but in the process, other
digital stories with different topics were created as well. However,
they all had in common the personal attitude towards the topic and the
sincere approach. This is actually characteristic for digital stories
and makes them different from the remaining forms of expression with
the assistance of various technologies.
Digital story telling actually enables people without much technical
knowledge to share important stories from their lives, using modest
technological resources. The product is often a short film containing a
narrative part, accompanied by photographs and music.

The training was comprised by lectures for digital story telling, as a
form and process in which the participants should feel the
transformation, then the personal stories in written form were
prepared, the necessary material was procured, the planned pictures
were graphically processed and the audio part of the stories was
recorded and processed and at the end all of this was packed in a
single video clip with a duration of 2-5 minutes. By the end of the
training, every participant had made a digital story. The goal of the
training was to train the participants for holding trainings on digital
story telling. Therefore, during the last days, the training was
focused on building a network that would work on digital story telling
in its region.

Two representatives of the Metamorphosis Foundation from Macedonia attended the training: Irina Shumadieva and Elena Ignatova.