The training was attended by seven young journalists engaged in various media. The purpose of the training was to prepare journalists from the traditional media for successful inclusion in the process of digitalization and to be willing to use all the technological challenges that are becoming a necessity in their profession.

During the training, participants were familiarized with several aspects of the freedom of expression online, such as the legal framework in the Republic of Macedonia, censorship, methods of content filtering, possibilities for moderation of comments and options to post anonymously.

Furthermore, they received practical guidance on writing and publishing content on the web, after which the prepared texts were posted to a blog and edited according to the rules.

The focus during the second day of training was on practical lectures on photo journalism: use of photographic equipment, photograph composition, processing of a photo intended for web publishing by using a few popular programs (Google Picasa, Adobe Photoshop Elements and the web service Picnik) and uploading photos taken by the participants themselves to Flickr.





Part of the training covered rules and equipment for recording audio, as well as its processing using the free software Audacity and uploading to the web service for audio content sharing YourListen.

Participants used the Creative Commons website for searching through web resources and got familiar with the rules for respecting copyright and copyright limitations online.

The second part of the training will take place on June 19 and 20, focusing on the following topics:

  • Online Privacy
  • Preparation, processing and publishing of slidecasts
  • Preparation, processing, publishing and conversion of video
  • Maximum use of social media in journalistic work

After the training, participants will be prepared to operate various equipment for recording audio, video and photographs by using proprietary software, as well as free and online software for the creation, processing and publishing of multimedia on the web, and to apply social media in support of what journalists create in their daily work.

The trainings are being conducted by Irina Shumadieva, Elena Ignatova and Filip Stojanovski.