The three-day training was held on December 26-28, 2014, at the Hotel Romantik in Dojran. The first day of the training covered the topic of online tools and the last two days covered the use of data. The training was attended by grantees of the project “Good Governance Action Network”.


During the first day of the training, participants had the opportunity to learn more about building an online presence and online communities, and to finish the day with a session for improvement of the capacities of the organizations, during which they were introduced to the idea and principle of operation of Office 365. During the second day, there was a discussion about data and what data is, about finding data and the focus was on sharing skills for using formulas and pivot tables in software for processing tabular data. During the last day, a representative of the School of Data program of the Open Knowledge Foundation spoke mostly about the visualization of data, and the attendees had an opportunity to get familiar with certain tools for mapping and creating timelines.




This training is part of the cycle of trainings that were held as part of the project “Good Governance Action Network” implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation, in partnership with MCET and Reactor, and supported by the European Commission through the IPA CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY (CSF) 2012-2013 program.

More photos from the training are available here.