USAID’s Civic Engagement Project invites civil society organizations (CSO) in Macedonia to apply for Strategic Support Grants (SSGs).

The Civic Engagement Project is a five year USAID-funded program that contributes to achieve two objectives: (1) strengthened influence of CSOs on policies and programs related to priority issues of citizen concern; and (2) increased and sustained youth engagement in public life in Macedonia. The Strategic Support Grants will be managed by Metamorphosis.

The aim of the Strategic Support Grants (SSGs) is to support CSOs, including think tanks, that work in the following priority areas: good governance, public service improvement, rule of law, anti-corruption, human rights, economic growth, business enabling environment, and monitoring and oversight of public institutions.

The Civic Engagement Project will award up to 7 (seven) grants under this RfA. The maximum grant award for each proposal is 120,000 USD covering activities that last up to 3 (three) years. The Project reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted.

SSGs will enable CSOs to:

  • plan and implement long term interventions, including policy analysis, public education and civic engagement, advocacy campaigns, engaging constructively with government actors and institutions, and monitoring public policies, programs, and budgets;
  • be proactive in representing citizens’ concerns and initiating activities in the priority areas listed in the paragraph above;
  • invest in their capacity development, in particular in enhancing their impact, engaging broader segments of the society, and becoming financially stable; and
  • participate in local, regional, or international networking events (capped funding).

Download the documents bellow or for any information contact Qendresa Sulejmani at

The deadline for sending questions regarding the Request for Application is December 22, 2016.
Clarifications will be issued on December 28, 2016.

  1. RFA Announcement (.pdf)
  2. Full Request for Application (.pdf)
  3. Application Form (.docx)
  4. Budget Template for Strategic Support Grants (.xlsx)





Answers to the received questions regarding this request can be found here