The Metamorphosis Foundation is looking for an organizational development (OD) consultant with expertise in communication. Deadline for the application is August 10 2017.


The overall goal is to reform Metamorphosis into a well-functioning modern NGO with a strong strategic focus, clarified roles and responsibilities and solid internal communication that enable the Management Team and the Governing Board to play their roles more effectively.

Scope and Role

Metamorphosis is looking to recruit an OD consultant with a specific expertise in communication, strategic planning and governance who will:

  1. Review Metamorphosis’ organisational structure, the current assignment of roles and responsibilities and practice of internal communication in the light of the organisation’s current commitments and strategic priorities:
    1. Present the findings of the review to the organisation with recommendations on how to re-assign roles and responsibilities in a way that fosters collaboration inside the project teams, but also between the project teams;
    2. Accompany the implementation of the changes the Executive Team decides to take forward;
    3. Propose internal communication methods and tools that support the new structure, and accompany their implementation where necessary.
    4. Propose a performance management system that will reflect the proposed new structure and accompany its implementation where necessary.
  2. Support Metamorphosis’ Executive Team and Governing Board in reviewing Metamorphosis’ strategic focus and organisational set-up for the future, including on the positioning of its media projects:
    1. Further develop the requirements and implications of different strategic directions, and present the findings to the Executive Team and Governing Board, to facilitate their decision making.
    2. Support the preparations of the Board/staff retreat (planned for 22-24 September, tbc) and provide inputs to/facilitate the retreat.
    3. Support Metamorphosis in the implementation of the decisions taken in this regard.
  3. Support Metamorphosis’ Board in becoming a more effective governing, advisory, and fundraising body:
    1. Review the current Board framework and practices
    2. Present the findings to the Governing Board with recommendations on how to strengthen the governance of the organisation.
    3. Accompany the implementation of the recommendations the organisation wishes to start with, including the setting of performance goals for the ET members, in line with the new strategic focus.


  • Inception report – after exploratory phase with visit at Metamorphosis’ offices in Skopje, to observe organisational practice: demonstrates understanding of the challenges Metamorphosis faces and provides a detailed workplan including objectives, timeline and change indicators.
  • Articulation of the findings of the organisational review, and of recommendations on organisational restructuring, roles and responsibilities, strategic focus and internal communication and performance management.
  • Facilitation of the retreat and writing up of retreat report.
  • Support the organisation in the implementation of the decisions made in view of its organisational development, including through mentoring and feedback.
  • The consultant should also articulate training needs he/she identifies in the course of this assignment.
  • The consultant needs to keep PeaceNexus informed on progress and challenges of this assignment.

Duration and timeframe

This assignment is expected to be carried out in 25 – 30 working days spread over period of 6 – 9 months. The bulk of the strategic, structural and internal communication review will need to happen before the organisational retreat (22.-24. September 2017).



  • At least five years professional experience in strategic planning and management;
  • High level written and oral communications skills in English;
  • Experience in organisational development and change management in the role of a consultant;
  • Track record of similar assignments that have led to tangible results;
  • Proven ability to work with CSOs in the field of social change, media development and/or governance
    · Availability to fulfil this role within the stipulated timeframe, including being at disposal during the period of the implementation of the changes in the organization;
  • A degree in a relevant field in the area of: planning, public policy, development studies, economics and/or management is a plus.
  • Background knowledge on the state and challenges of the NGO sector in the Balkans and/or Eastern Europe is a plus.

Application process

Applications should be submitted to Bardhyl Jashari, Executive Director, at

The application should include a CV, a financial proposal including tentative workplan and a letter of interest of no more than 1.000 words explaining how your background and experience(s) qualify you for this type of assignment.

Please also provide contact details of two people who can comment on your ability to undertake this work (for example former clients of yours).

Deadline: 10. August 2017

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited to interview.


Metamorphosis is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit foundation based in Skopje, Macedonia. Its mission is to contribute to the development of democracy and increase the quality of life through innovative use and sharing of knowledge. The guiding values are openness, equality and freedom.

Established in 2004 Metamorphosis created a diverse portfolio of capacities and skills honed through implementation of projects supported by various donors, including the European Union, NED, USAID, OSCE, Vishegrad Fund, Balkan Trust for Democracy, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UK Embassy in Skopje, France Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Germany in Skopje, US Embassy in Skopje, Slovak Embassy in Skopje, the Open Society Foundations, TechSoup, Microsoft and Google.

Metamorphosis is currently working on a series of projects grouped into programs (see, which can be divided in two segments:

  1. Democracy/CSO projects:
  • Privacy and security in the digital sphere aimed at civil, governmental and private sector,
  • Digital access for all (e-inclusion);
  • Social innovation and capacity building of CSO’s through promotion and strategic utilization of ICT including capacity building and software donations from major software vendors through Techsoup;
  • Good governance focusing on transparency and accountability of public institutions and other stakeholders;
  • Strengthening the civil society through re-granting funds to local CSOs.
  1. Media projects:
  • Albanian language news portal,
  • Independent news agency, which publishes news in Macedonian, Albanian and English languages
  • Media Fact Checking Service, which fact checks media content and points out the use of discriminatory language in the media, as well as hate speech
  • Truthmeter – politicians and political parties’ accountability analysis website.

Metamorphosis has considerably grown in the past few years, with more staff, higher budgets and an increasing numbers of projects, which puts a huge strain on the organisation’s systems that need to keep up fully with the pace of growth and expansion. For this reason, Metamorphosis has requested Organisational Development support by PeaceNexus Foundation. The following scope and objectives of Metamorphosis’ organisational development process are a result of consulting staff and board members, and jointly analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the current organisational set-up. A report describing this process is available and will be shared with the consultant(s) upon their appointment.