The Metamorphosis Foundation, in cooperation with the South East European University organized the We Can Code event on October 17 on the occasion of the Europe Code Week. The event was held at the premises of the South East European University in Skopje..


During this hackathon, participants had an opportunity to solve several pressing problems of society, and were able to contribute to their resolution by developing web applications. This one-day event was attended by students, entrepreneurs, representatives of organizations and representatives of universities, who had the opportunity to meet and share experiences. The event was opened by associate professor Visar Shehu from the South East European University and Adriana Selmani, program assistant at the Metamorphosis Foundation.


Enthusiasts with skills in programming, web design and web development were invited to this one-day event, as well as computer science students.


Today’s world is influenced by the rapid development of technology. The way we work, communicate, shop and think has drastically changed. In order to accept these rapid changes and to understand the world around us, we not only need to increase our knowledge about how technology works, but we also need to develop skills and opportunities, that will help us adapt and live in this era.


Many thanks to all participants who managed to build two websites and fill them with content in only 6 hours: