Learn how to protect your privacy in the digital world!

When: 12 April, at 15:00

Duration? One hour!

How much it costs? IT’S FREE OF CHARGE!

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Working language of the webinar? It’ll be held in Macedonian.

* This is an online webinar.

The idea of what’s privacy, what’s personal data and what’s something that belongs to us is the starting point for detecting the possible problems we can face during daily internet use.

What data should be considered as private and should not be shared online? Who has access to our personal data we use online? How to teach children to benefit from the internet and to avoid dangers they may face?

This webinar has the answers to the most important questions related to privacy protection of the youngest generations in the digital era:

• Where are we on the internet and do we know that the internet is a public space?
• Who are we on the internet and who has access to our personal data?
• Geo localization – are we aware that were are being followed?
• What type of usernames and passwords do we use and are we protected from online identity theft?
• Video surveillance – hidden cameras or something more?
• What personal data can be misused online?

Briefly about Elena Trifunovska:

She holds a Master’s degree in Communications and has been working on privacy protection for many years. Between 2005 and 2014, she had been working as an international cooperation and public relations adviser at the Directorate for Personal Data Protection. Since 2014 onward, she has been working as an analyst and her focus has been laid on media and internet privacy protection. She is also an author and coauthor of numerous publications on personal data protection in specific fields, analyses and research on application of the personal data protection regulative. Besides the right of privacy, she has a great interest in media regulative and information and communication technologies.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this webinar on Wednesday (12 April).