Internet Society – Bulgaria, under the EC funded project FlossWorld
Free/Libre/OpenSource Software: Worldwide impact study
is organizing a two-day workshop on Free and Open Source Software in South-Eastern Europe. The event takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 24th and 25th of March as part of the monthly conferences of Linux for Bulgarians.

Main topics of the workshop Free and Open Source Software in South-Eastern Europe are: what is common and what is different; common problems and their solutions seen from four perspectives: the FLOSS community, the business, e-government with FLOSS, education and training with FLOSS.

Mr. Bardhyl Jashari and Mr. Filip Stojanovski are the guest lecturers at the workshop, representing the Metamorphosis Foundation. On the first day of the workshop they will have presentations on “Macedonia: Policy towards open standards and FLOSS adoption in the state administration”.