On September 30, starting at 12:00PM, at the GEM club in Skopje, a workshop on human rights titled as “Freedom of expression and privacy in the digital era” took place. This workshop was dedicated to 30 high school teachers from the City of Skopje. 20160930121231The teachers saw the presentation of activities, organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation and the International Institute for Human Rights from Caen, France, and experience from schools’ practices – dissemination on school and municipal level and workshops with students. 20160930123931Afterward, the pedagogical manual “Freedom of expression and privacy in the digital era” was presented. Also, several workshops from the manual were practically presented that allowed the teachers to cover some of the topics in the manual. 20160930125037During the last session, the teachers and a Metamorphosis representative discussed the open educational resources and the possibilities for their legal regulation. At the end, Liljana Pecova Ilieska from the Directorate for Personal Data Protection presented the legal regulative to the attendees. 20160930135909 20160930141939This workshop was organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation, in cooperation with the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, as a final event of the project for Decentralized Cooperation Between the Region of Lower Normandy and Macedonia.