Young people spend half their day in virtual reality, that is, on social media. Constantly sharing, posting and creating content for social media, they broaden their horizons and skills, learn new things and “ping” their dream places, food and their idols.

However, if we flip the coin, social media also has a dark side – social isolation, cyberbullying, impaired mental health, or simply testing “harmful” trends. Where do we draw the line and how can we coexist with the benefits and challenges of these platforms?

Andrijana Vesović – Zombijana, content creator and activist (Montenegro); Bojana Stojmenovic, Moj Psiholog; and Bojan Kordalov, communication and social media expert, will provide their insights on these questions.

The event will be in Macedonian and will last 90 minutes. It will be moderated by Goshe Nikolov, journalist at the news agency Meta.

The event is open to the public, and young people are expected to attend it. All interested parties are invited to fill out the registration form available at the link:

The youth debate will conclude the conference “Civic-Centric Digital Transformation”, organized as part of the project “Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda – ICEDA”, financially supported by the European Union.

The event will be photographed and live-streamed on the Metamorphosis Foundation’s Facebook page.