Bulgaria Opens Up Spending Data

The government of Bulgaria, as part of their OGP action plan has started to publish data on government spending on a daily basis.

From this month the Ministry of Finance publishes daily information on all government payments to all departments. Data is being published in XLS format, at the Ministry’s open government dedicated web presence. The data contains all transfers to other ministries, local government, universities and other public organizations. In the tables one can find a break down for the purpose of these transfers, as well as payments on the country’s dept. Although the data is published as Excel spreadsheets, its structure could allow automatic transformation in a format that is easier to process and analyse.

Starting in August it is expected also other Bulgarian ministries will start publishing daily data on expenditures. These will include even finer break down of spending, as well as reports of second level spending units. Such reports will provide better transparency of public spending and will allow tracking government policies, financial management and corrupt practices. Once data for a longer period of time is accumulated, a visualization of money flow in public institutions will be possible.

Source: epsiplatform.eu „Bulgaria Opens Up Spending Data“ July 5, 2012

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