Eighth International Conference e-Society.Mk 2012 held

e-societyThe Eighth International Conference e-Society.Mk on the topic “Open Education for an open society – let’s share the knowledge” has been held. The conference focused on topics related to open educational resources and open access, and the legal and institutional preconditions for their development in the countries of the region.

e-soc12The conference was attended by around 250 participants from the country and abroad (231 participants registered for the first day, and 172 for the second conference day. The conference was attended by representatives from the educational sector, the primary and secondary schools, the higher education institutions and the relevant government bodies and from the civil society and business sector.

It was a two-day conference during which 8 different topics were discussed in separate sessions, with an emphasis on open educational resources, available opportunities and capacities needed for their development, the capacities for implementing open access in higher education in Macedonia and in the countries from the region, and the role of civil society and the business sector in the opportunities for acquiring knowledge through informal education. During the two days, presentations were held by a total of 36 speakers from Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States, and after their presentations and speeches, there was an interactive discussion with the audience.

Further information, as well as the presentations of the speakers are available on the official conference website. In the meantime, you can feel a part of the atmosphere at the conference from the photos posted on Flickr and Facebook from the first and second day, as well as the numerous messages sent live via Twitter.

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