Get Online Week 2012 Starts

The Get Online Week European campaign started on March 26, 2012, aiming at promoting the benefits of digital inclusion and attracting new users of computers and internet. The campaign, supported by the European Commission, is simultaneously conducted in over 30 countries in Europe and Euroasia, including Macedonia for a second year running.

openwindows“Open the Windows” is the organizer of the Macedonian part of the campaign. In the next five days, the association will convey the message that everyone, without exceptions, can benefit from using computers and internet. Within this initiative, the association will cooperate with several civic organizations, public institutions and media.

To express your personal support for digital inclusion, please register with the digital counter of Get Online Week supporters. Or even better: motivate one of your family members, friends or acquaintances who had not used a computer before to register with the counter and see for themselves that modern ICT can easily be used.

As a reminder, your support ranked Macedonia 14th among 30 participating countries in the Get Online Week 2011.

Let’s all contribute for a successful campaign in Macedonia!

For further information, please visit: http://www.getonlineweek.eu

Извор: Open the windows „Get Online Week 2012 Starts“ March 26, 2012

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