Launch of “e-Etiquette” project promoted

On December 6, 12:00h, the e-Macedonia Foundation promoted its initiative for creating rules for good behavior in electronic communication and for awareness raising about the way people communicate through social networks. The project is named “e-Bonton” (e-Etiquette), same as the guide on ethics and online communication, resulting from this initiative.

ebontonAll citizens who are active in digital society can participate in the creation of the guide by submitting suggestions on the www.ebonton.mk website and the Facebook fan page. The option for submitting rules will be open for citizens until mid-January 2013, and the top 100 will be included in the “e-Bonton” guide.

The press conference for promotion of the project launch was opened by Radmila Joncevska, director of the e-Macedonia Foundation, who along with Daniel Sas, president of e-Macedonia, presented the procedure for submitting rules on the website.

“As leaders in the country’s internet market and as a company that has contributed to the development of information society with its high quality services, we think it is time to take our mission one step further, and the “e-Bonton” project is a point in case. The project aims to lay the foundations for good behavior in cyberspace and define a culture of behavior” Mr. Sas said.

The “e-Bonton” project is supported by Metamorphosis, the Youth Educational Forum, and the School of Journalism and Public Relations.

We urge citizens to use their right and the opportunity to submit rules related to online communication, including rules related to privacy, copyright and hate speech.

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