Macedonia: Increasing number of e-stores with privacy policies

The latest monitoring of the presence of privacy policies in the e-stores conducted in February 2012 by the Metamorphosis team indicates an increase in the number of e-stores, as well as an increased percentage of privacy policies in this sector.

The survey indicates a significant increase in the number of e-stores, from 57 in July 2011, to 81 in February 2012. In February 2012, 80% of the active e-stores had privacy policies, an increase of 3% compared to July 2011.


Since May last year, the Metamorphosis team held 5 presentations as part of the trainings on opening e-stores, organized by Exquisite in the Yes Incubator. Presentations were held as a follow-up to the Online Privacy Initiative, aimed at increasing the public awareness for online privacy protection among members of the key target groups.

These presentations familiarized the attendants with the legal obligations regarding the protection of personal data by presenting the resources developed within the framework of the project Online Privacy Initiative (OPI): ‘Privacy Pledge’ and the guide ‘How to make a privacy policy’. The presentations were attended by 67 participants.

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