Macedonia: Opening of the International Conference ‘Modernization of the legislation for personal data protection in Europe’

The International Conference ‘Modernization of the legislation for personal data protection in Europe’ organized by the Directorate for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Macedonia (DPDP) and supported by the EU within the project IPA 2008 was opened on May 29, 2012.

The event brings together around 120 participants from Macedonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and representatives of the European institutions from Brussels and Strasbourg.

At the opening, Robert Liddell, the representative of the EU Delegation emphasized the importance of privacy protection for the improvement of the life of all citizens and for the development of the business sector.

Dimitar Georgievski, director of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection noted that their approach is to build a partner relationship with the controllers, regardless of whether they are from the public or private sector.

dbyosDuring the event, Giovanni Buttarelli, the assistant supervisor of the European supervisory authority for personal data protection, addressed the participants via a video message, reminding them that in the future ‘all of us should expect a very different world’ than the one we are used to and that the technological and social changes are leading to the need for adjustment of the legal frameworks that are already being adjusted on the level of OECD and the Council of Europe.

According to Butarelli, European experiences show that ‘there is no need to invent a new framework for personal data protection, but that we need to implement it consistently’ and the countries should provide greater support and resources for the institutions responsible for protection, which ‘must be free from any direct or indirectly influence during the performance of their duties.

During the session about the principles of responsibility and accountability in the protection of personal data, Katarzyna Cuadrat-Grzybowska of the European supervisory authority for data protection in Brussels stressed that the principle of accountability refers to all the controllers of data who must apply appropriate protection measures, and the protection of personal data must be part of the design phase (data protection by design). ‘When you are building a new system, you have to think about protecting privacy and personal data from the beginning. Adding this aspect in already completed systems is very expensive.’

The conference continues today and tomorrow (29-30 May) with working sessions on the following topics, covered in the agenda (pdf):

  • The new role of the European Data Protection Board
  • Modernization of Convention 108 of the Council of Europe
  • New legislation for personal data protection and principles for assessment of the impact on privacy and its application in practice
  • Cooperation in the area of personal data protection through EU funded projects

Source: Portalb.mk „Maqedoni:Na pret një epokë e re,ritet nevoja për mbrojtje të privatësisë“ 30.05.2012

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