New York University Skopje: (G)Local Media in Transition Conference

From March 8-10, 2007 New York University Skopje organized the international conference (G)Local Media in Transition – the Case of SouthEastern Europe 1990-2007, covering various topics on relations between media and society.


GLocal1.jpgMetamorphosis Foundation representative Filip Stojanovski took part at the session titled "Blog", held on March 10 on the University’s campus in Saraj municipality, presenting the paper "A Brief History of the Macedonian Blogosphere," covering the chronology of important events and developments in this area.

Speakers at the same session, chaired by prof. Eleni Sideri, included the authors of Komunikacii blog [Mac. for "Communications"] who spoke about blogs in general, and Borche Manevski from Media Development unit of the OSCE Mission to Skopje, who spoke about the current state of online journalism.

Conference organizers, prof. Holger Briel and teaching assistant Jana Ivanovska, announced that the conference proceedings will be available to the public soon after its closure.

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