Paypal is coming to Macedonia

Starting from next year, the citizens will be able to purchase and sell
products throughout the world. Ivo Ivanovski, Minister of Information
Society, says that the Ministry managed to get Paypal in Macedonia by
using the connections with the Diaspora in order to establish contact
with the first man of Paypal who agreed to include Macedonia in their
list next year.

The “Paypal” system enables online sale and purchase of products and services, as well as money transfer. This system provides security of the shipments since it is connected to all the postal offices in the world, and if a shipment gets lost, the problem can be easily resolved by contacting the postal offices – Ivanovski explains. Ivanovski outlined that minor amendments to the Law on banks will be necessary in order to enable the online sale and purchase. The fact that Paypal is entering Macedonia is a signal to other countries that Macedonia is a developed country – since this system is not entering every country – Ivanovski informed.

The Government adopted a Law on e-Commerce regulating all the standards and enabling permanent trade over the internet, so the citizens know where to go in case of cyber-crime; the services of the Ministry of Interior or the inspection services in the Ministry of Economy. E-commerce in the Republic of Macedonia is enabled through the banks and the Casys system. Macedonian companies are able to sell products through their own websites. The problem occurs when they want to sell abroad, since the Macedonian banks are not included in the group of renowned banks by the large transaction organizations enabling e-commerce worldwide – says Ivanovski. He explains that if a company wants to sell products abroad, it should open a bank account abroad where the buyer will transfer the money via credit card and this bank will later transfer the money to a Macedonian bank. There is also a problem if our citizens want to shop online from other countries, since our credit cards are not approved by the world transactors – Ivanovski informed.

Source: Vreme "ПЕЈПАЛ доаѓа во Македонија“  Number 1459, August 30, 2008

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