Regional conference POINT 2.1 “Accountability of government, civil society and new technologies”

On Saturday, Nov 23., The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in cooperation with UG Zašto Ne held a regional conference entitled ‘Accountability of government, civil society and new technologies – POINT 2.1‘.

The event was held in addition to the annual ‘POINT’ conference has been organizing since 2012 by UG Zašto Ne with the aim of exchanging civil society experiences in the context of the use of new technologies for democratization of public life and for promotion of accountability and transparency in government as well as for civic activism.

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Panel’s speakers and participants represented civil society organizations from the region, and recruited from the first two editions of POINT. Among others they were representing CRTA from Serbia, UG Zašto Ne, CCI and Revolt from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Metamorphosis and MOST from Macedonia.

In addition to highlightening the importance of transparency and the adoption of new laws, the participants pointed out the great opportunities that disclosing data in the internet can bring to the whole population. The organizers and the participants agreed that there was a lot done in order to use new technologies to create more accountable governments in the region, but, in the same time, the exchange of experiences can help in scaling the good practices thorough the region.

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The representative of Metamorphosis presented the experiences from ‘Truthmeter’ in Macedonia, in terms of demanding accountability from the authorities by encouraging discussions between citizens about the promises and statements of the authorities. Moreover, the representative stressed that accountability of other key actors in the political process is also necessary, and that this was the reason for launching the ‘Media Fact Checking Service‘ project in order to encourage the adherence to journalistic standards by the media..

Source: zastone.ba „Regional conference POINT 2.1 “Accountability of government, civil society and new technologies” November 25, 2013


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