Regional Conference “Public libraries encourage innovation in the community” held

The regional conference “Public libraries encourage innovation in the community” supported by the International Organisation EIFL-PLIP (Electronic Information for Libraries – Public Library Inovation Program) took place on February 14 and 15 in the Culture Center in Radovis.

The purpose of the conference was to incite cooperation and bring together the policy makers on both national and local level with the library community, to encourage public libraries for mutual cooperation and innovations with perspectives to support equal access to technology and support lifelong learning and an active civil society.

A panel discussion about the problems that libraries in Macedonia are facing was organized the first day, about the new services introduced and about the good practices and opportunities for development of new services by encouraging the authorities for more investments in the library work and for greater use of European and other funds.

During the second day, about 25 participants from Macedonia and other countries presented the services introduced in the work of libraries and the possibility of introducing new ones.

The third session was dedicated to the application of information technology in libraries and digital libraries. During this session, a representative of Metamorphosis presented the benefits of the application of open educational resources in Macedonia. Aside from the review of the current situation in our country, there was also a presentation of the challenges we’re facing, positive examples from other countries, as well as recommendations for Macedonia. The presentation was completed with the opportunities for cooperation with public libraries and open educational resources and open access and the impact on having a more affordable education and progress of scientific thought.

The conference provided an opportunity for librarians to share experiences, establish cooperation and exchange knowledge.

The following organizations helped in the organization of the conference, aside from EIFL: municipal public library “Braka Miladinovci” in Radovis, the National University Library “Goce Delchev” – Stip, Municipality of Radovis, the Library Association of Macedonia and the Macedonian electronic libraries.

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