Serbia: 92% of young Internet users are on Facebook or Twitter

The State Statistical Office published a report on the use of information and communication technologies in the Republic of Serbia for 2011 (.pdf). Twitter users discuss the report under the hashtag #ICTSrbija.

The discussion on Twitter was initiated by Slobodan Markovic (smarkovic) who pointed out several key findings:

  • Compared to 2010, the number of users purchasing online has been increased by 100,000 to a total of 380,000 users.
  • 82% of the users have never ordered or purchased goods over the internet
  • 18.3% of the companies in Serbia use Linux, mostly large enterprises (48%) specifically banks and insurance companies (57,9%). 58% are using Open Office.

Marko Lazarevic (havijer) outlined the following:

Percent of the day: 91.8% of [young] internet population [aged 16 to 24 years] has a profile on Facebook or Twitter…

According to the report for Serbia

52.1% of the households own a computer,
41.2% of the households have an internet connection,
and during the last three months prior to the survey internet was used by 42.2% of the population or 2.4 million people, out of which 1.9 million used it daily.
69.8% of all users said they use social networks, and 45.5% use Wikipedia.

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