Two e-books promoted by novelist Akile Eminova

Two new e-books were uploaded on the Creative Commons content portal
under the Creative Commons license Attribution-Non-Commercial-No
Derivative Works

This week, Akile Eminova, the author of these works told us a few more words about herself.
Akile Eminova, member of the Roma community from the city of Shtip has only graduated from high school since she grew up in a modest working family with limited means, but, as she says “I love literature and I’ve been writing ever since I know about myself”. “Apart from literature, I am also very fond of dramatic art, and have participated as an amateur in many performances of the drama studio at the Cultural Centre Aco Shopov in Shtip”.



She traveled a lot during these activities and won many prizes at various festivals throughout Macedonia and the ex-Yugoslav countries. “Maybe this type of living enabled me to professionally commit to writing”, says Akile.

She wrote her first book “Deathbed wish” while she was working in a light bulb factory. She sent her work to an open competition organized by the “Macedonian Television” and won the first prize. Following the publishing of her book “The soul dance ”, come some of her greater achievements in the field of literature – an invitation for promoting the two novels in Graz – Austria, and Berlin, Stuttgart – Germany.

At the moment, Akile Eminova has a novel titled “Lift the curtain” which hasn’t been published yet but will soon also be part of this portal’s e-library.

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