Monitoring the EU integration process: Judicial Reforms

The Judiciary Needs a Financial “Booster” Dose The document is the result of research conducted within the project “Promoting the Accountability and Transparency of Public Reforms”, conducted by the Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society in Skopje, with the support of the US National Endowment for Democracy. The project is implemented during 2021 and 2022. […]

Analysis of e-services in municipalities of the Republic of North Macedonia

Almost all strategies for the development of an information society and digital technologies relating to public administration reform plan activities for the state to create an enabling environment for innovation and to ensure delivery of personalised, easily available services for all users, thereby enhancing the transparency and accountability of state institutions. In the case of […]

Assessment of Good Governance in North Macedonia and the region through the Openness Index – Parliament and the Executive Government 2021

With the support of USAID’s Civic Engagement Project and the National Endowment for Democracy, Metamorphosis Foundation in cooperation with the partners from the regional network of CSOs Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in South East Europe (ACTION SEE), has prepared an assessment of the state of good governance of the parliaments and the executive […]

Openness Index of the LSGUs 2021

The Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, within the USAID Civic Engagement Project, assessed the state of good governance in the local self-government units in the Republic of North Macedonia for 2021. The assessment is the result of a survey based on the Openness Index. The openness of LSGUs is assessed through four main principles: […]

DIGITAL AGENDA OBSERVATORY – Country Report and Roadmap for Digital Agenda advancement in North Macedonia (2021)

Digitalization in all spheres and for all social groups (without exception) is an effective mechanism for improving the well-being of citizens. This means improving the electronic work and greater efficiency of institutions, organizations and other social entities. The need for digitalization became even more evident due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it pointed to the […]

Analysis of disinformation related to Covid-19 in North Macedonia

Why did so many citizens, but also journalists, politicians, professors and other public figures, fall under the influence of disinformation about Covid-19 to the extent that they themselves took an active role in their dissemination, adaptation and invention? This phenomenon is a worldwide problem and is particularly pronounced in the Republic of North Macedonia, an […]

alGOVrithms 2.0 The State of Play

Metamorphosis Foundation, in partnership with from Czechia, K-Monitor – Hungary, Open Data Kosovo – Kosovo, and ePaństwo Foundation from Poland prepared “alGOVrithms 2.0: The State Of Play” report. The report focuses on the usage of Automated Decision Making (ADMs) in government-citizens relations in Czechia, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Poland. The research-partners were examining […]

Digital Agenda Observatory - Baseline research of the state of e-government development & digital literacy in the targeted Western Balkan countries 2020

The efforts in bringing the broadband internet to all the citizens of the Western Balkans region are well recognized, however, countries need to be more diligent in updating their strategic and regulatory documents. Countries are late with harmonization of legal acts and even more in delay with the implementation of innovations. Having in mind the […]

The conditions and challenges for conducting online teaching in elementary schools

The Metamorphosis Foundation, within the project Open Educational Resources, supported by the Foundation Open Society-Macedonia (FOSM), conducted a research on the conditions for online teaching, focused on elementary schools in our country. The purpose of this research was to determine the conditions and challenges for online teaching in elementary schools in RNM in the period […]

The electoral system remains a source of crisis in North Macedonia

With the latest amendments to the Electoral Code from February 2020, some improvements have been made, primarily in voter registration, in voting procedures, and in expanding and clarifying the competencies of the State Audit Office (SAO) and the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) on financial control. However, the election model remained with six […]

Anti-corruption reforms: SCPC and civil society organizations – rare lights in the tunnel

The work of the new composition of the Anti-Corruption Commission, the commitment of several civil society organizations and the prospects of the new Law on Public Prosecution are the only lights in the tunnel of the reform achievements of North Macedonia in the field of anti-corruption and the fight against organized crime in 2019 and […]

Judicial Reforms: the legal framework is completed, EU is satisfied, but there are still doubts in the country

The key area for faster EU integration, the functioning of the legal state and the rule of law, in one word – the judiciary, is currently in a strange situation difficult to define. Progress has been registered compared to 2019 both in terms of the legal framework and in terms of advancing the practice in […]