Analysis of the Situation with e-Learning in Macedonia

The models of coordination and integration of activities should also be directed towards the individual users or groups, and not only towards the entities working on the production of resources. This means creation of an online service or webpages as an easy way to access resources that are available for use. This research is made as part of  the ‘Project for decentralized cooperation between Lower Normandy and Macedonia’.

Мини-истражување за ставовите на студентите во врска со користењето на интернет и социјални медиуми

Во тек на 5 дебати за социјални медиуми, кои се одржаа во текот на месец април, 2012 година, како дел од проектот Социјални медиуми за демократија, Метаморфозис спроведе мини-истражување за ставовите на младите во врска со употребата на интернетот и социјалните медиуми. Во истражувањето учествуваа 154 студенти од 4 универзитети во Република Македонија.

Прелиминарни податоци од истражувањето „Зголемување на употребата на веб-локациите gov.mk како алатки за транспарентност, отчетност и е-учество

Фондацијата Метаморфозис, во рамките на проектот „Зголемување на употребата на веб-локациите gov.mk како алатки за транспарентност, отчетност и е-учество“, спроведе истражување чија цел е утврдување на квалитетот на е-услугите и алатките за комуникација со граѓаните кои ги нудат gov.mk веб-локациите и истакнување на позитивни примери со цел поттикнување зголемено користење на овие ...

E-Waste Assessment: Macedonia

The specific problems that need to be addressed by future activities are: low awareness about the consequences resulting from improper e-waste management, scarce NGO capacity for dealing with these problems, absence of networking bodies operating at all societal levels and coping with e-waste problems, accumulated e-waste not only by companies but even more by households that is potential threat to the surroundings if disposed improperly.

European Privacy and Human Rights (EPHR) 2010

“European Privacy and Human Rights (EPHR) 2010” is a report published by Privacy International, EPIC, and the Center for Media and Communications Studies (CMSC) of the Central European University, investigating the scope of privacy and data protection laws a in Europe. The study includes 33 individual reports covering issues from privacy enforcement to ID cards, biometrics, and data-sharing and video surveillance The study ranks privacy protection across the European Union (EU) and other European countries, including Republic of Macedonia. The section on Macedonia has been prepared by Metamorphosis Foundation in cooperation with the Directorate for Personal Data Protection and ...

Evaluation of projects and activities for privacy protection

This evaluation is focusing on the impact of the privacy protection project and activities, and has been conducted in November 2008 through focus groups, semi structured interviews and analysis of project documents.

Evaluation of the Impact of the USAID eGov Project Activities in Macedonia

The evaluation performed by the Metamorphosis Foundation between July and September 2009 revealed that the five specific G2B Applications supported by the USAID-funded eGov Project implemented by Internews Network had crucial impact on the general process of e-government development in Macedonia from 2004 to 2009.

Benchmarking eGovernment Services in Macedonia

For the fourth time we perform measurements of the online sophistication at the government level in Macedonia. The measurement was conducted in the period March/April 2008 and reflects the situation of the realized projects in 2008. This time we followed the Capgemini’s new 5-stage grading system, where 5th level has been added to encompass the idea of pro-active and automatic service delivery. In this paper we will compare growth of eGov services for Macedonia with the old 4-level grading system, and compare the situation in MK with other EU countries using the 5-stage grading system.

IT Training of the Macedonian State Administration: Needs Assessment

Information presented in this document are based on the draft findings from the survey and analyses conducted within the framework of the “Evaluation of the potential for good governance in Macedonia” project implemented by the Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia(FOSIM) in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Government of Republic of Macedonia and Metamorphosis Foundation. Мetamorphosis Foundation provides synthesis and presentation of the main results in English within the framework of the We-Go Project.

Growth of eGovernment services in Macedonia

This study shows the enormous growth of eGovernment services in Republic of Macedonia for the period of 2004 up to 2007. It is shown that in comparison to the EU member states and new member states Macedonia has also growing trend and will reach the objectives set in EU states, but at least 5 years later. Plenty of activities have been realized to enable this enormous growth, such as, establishing of National Strategy for Information Society (as possibility for donors to see where Macedonia would like to be and how it will reach the goal), realization of government contract with […]