It’s Your Money

Period: November 1st – December 30th, 2015   With the project “It’s Your Money” Metamorphosis succeeded in creating capacity for production of current affairs video documentaries focused on investigative journalism about spending of taxpayers’ money in Macedonia. Within the short timeframe, it created, equipped and trained a correspondent network that produced, published and promoted six video-stories from six different regions. Project activities included preparation and capacity building for the correspondent network from 6 regions in Macedonia, production of video stories, as well as their publishing and promotion. The stories were first simultaneously published by the news ...


The project “We-Go” aims to transfer and to adapt successfully “eGovernment Good Practices and Knowledge” and will enable follow-up implementation projects including accompanying measures targeted to reinforce and innovate eGovernment research in Western Balkan Countries (WBC) together with EU partners. The project “We-Go” will enable public administration in WBC to reach higher productivity and equity by: Establishing of an eGovernment Interoperability Framework with focus on transactional cross border services and providing best practices for corresponding transactional application domains delivered as trial prototypes in order to enable follow-up ...

SEE Youth and Media Initiative

The project “Youth and Media” aims at analyzing the position of youth and media in 11 South-East European Countries. Metamorphosis Foundation and Youth Educational Forum, as the lead activity in this project, implemented a research aiming to explore the relations between youth and media. The research investigates the position of youth in media, the needs of youth from media, as well as their integration in media. The research was conducted in Macedonia, as well as in: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece. This research is the first in the area implemented in 11 countries which depicts the real […]

Open access

Current potential Open Access content creators lack awareness of the full potential of digital technologies, and sometimes lack some basic skills related to use of software systems. Most acutely, many academics, scientists and researchers fail to enter the scientific debate at all, and rarely publish the results of their work, as number of citations and other measures of scientific/academic influence play very minor role in their career advancement, as opposed to political or personal influences. They also lack awareness of the general concept of Open Access and its interrelations with the way the web functions, especially in terms of it to spread information. […]

Online Privacy Initiative

Metamorphosis will carry out an assessment of the practices and procedures of the institutions, organizations, and firms for handling personal data. For this purpose a special methodology will be developed by an interdisciplinary working group. The assessment will serve as a baseline study to further develop project activities. Additionally, awareness raising campaign will be implemented targeting citizens, in one hand, and the personal data holders (companies and state bodies), on the other. The working group will also work on preparation of the Macedonian portion for the Privacy and Human Rights,  annual global report compiled by EPIC  and Privacy International, through a designated ...

Civil Society and New Technologies in the SEE Region – Strengthening the Contextual Use of New Technologies in the Work of the Civil Society Sector

The project enables the creation of communication channels and opportunities for collaboration with other civil society organizations and other institutions, thus creating fertile ground for joint activities in future projects aimed at achieving common goals on a regional level. General goal: Connecting initiatives of civil society organizations on a regional level by using new technologies and creating a base for exchange of information and collaborations. Specific goal: Increasing the capacity of civil society organizations for the implementation of new technologies in achieving their goals in the areas of information, education and training. Expected results: Raised public awareness ...


e-Riders project (official blog of the Project) strengthens NGO capacity in Macedonia in order to convey their message, to incite civic participation in society, to work together and to serve to their communities better. E-Riders are mobile consultants that provide support to civil society organisations for optimal use of ICT as means to more efficient performance of the activities and achieving their mission and goals. They provide free technical support and assistance to NGOs in developing individual strategies for using ICT. The goals of the Project are to help NGOs create a sustainable ICT strategy tailored according to their activities, […]

Digital Clubhouses

Twelve digital clubhouses have been opened in the Republic of Macedonia within the frames of the Digital Clubhouses project, which was implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation. The Digital Clubhouses offer various activities and services including access to ICT for the members of the community with the aim of supporting their social and economic development. Digital Clubhouses mission is to provide education, access to e-databases, use of e-services and creating awareness for information technology and democracy, as well as promotion of methodologies and ideas that will help in enhancing the spreading of ICT among the people regardless of age and origin.

Increasing Use of Governmental Websites as Tools for Transparency, Accountability and e-Participation

The research project examined the current level of use of governmental websites at municipal and state level (.gov.mk websites) in the areas of transparency, accountability and e-participation in decision making, and provided recommendations on how to overcome the obstacles that prevent realising the full potential of new technologies in these areas. The extent of the use of new technologies for communication by the government bodies was not fully probed, and further research was necessary. The project examined the current practice of low use of .gov.mk websites for transparency, accountability and public consultations, and established a baseline data to be used […]

Follow the money

The “Follow the money” web service (www.sledigiparite.mk) aims to familiarize citizens with the fiscal policies of local self-governments, through a simple and transparent presentation of their budgets, i.e. incomes and expenditures of the municipalities since 2008. The service contains information that would enable citizens to monitor the spending in their communities, in order to raise the awareness about the quality and quantity of the allocation of funds.