Balkan E-Waste Management Advocacy Network

The project is aiming to achieve the following results with its activities: increased cooperation and exchange of good e-waste management practices between all relevant stakeholders, raised public awareness about proper e-waste management, increased capacity of civil society organizations for lobbying and advocacy for proper electronic waste management, increased media coverage of e-waste related matters and a reduced number of devices that are still functional, but being disposed of.

Free and Open Source Software

Producing of collection of localized open source applications, in cooperation with the local OSS community, satisfying the basic daily needs of local NGOs and home users, enabling promotion of OSS as efficient, cost-effective and legal software solution for hybrid systems (computers with installed Windows, dominant in both public and private sector).The package covers the needs in the following areas: office application (text processing, spreadsheet, etc.), internet access (browser, mail/news client), organizer/groupware, image editing and web design, other useful applications (compression, multimedia), etc. It also includes a user-friendly installer program and a booklet with basic ...

National Strategy for Development of Information Society

On April 1, 2005, Task Force on information society adopted National Strategy for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the relevant Action Plan. National strategy was adopted by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia on June 16, 2005 and by the Macedonian Parliament on September 21, 2005.The development of the Strategy and the Action Plan was supported by Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia (FOSIM), Information Technology Committee of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, and United Nations Development Program (UNDP).In 2005 public forums were organized in several towns throughout Macedonia, and also on Information Technology Committee website ...

Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) serves public interest in a robust exchange of expression, knowledge, and art. Our first objective is to offer the public in Macedonia a set of copyright licenses free of charge. These licenses help people tell the world that their copyrighted works are free for sharing - but only under certain conditions.

COMMUNIA Thematic Network

The COMMUNIA Thematic Network aims at becoming a European point of reference for theoretical analysis and strategic policy discussion of existing and emerging issues concerning the public domain in the digital environment - as well as related topics, including, but not limited to, alternative forms of licensing for creative material; open access to scientific publications and research results; management of works whose authors are unknown

Children’s Rights on the Internet – Safe and Protected

The CRISP project aims at protecting children’s rights on the internet and providing a safe and secure access to the internet, protection of their privacy and consequently the privacy and security of their families.