Decentralized Cooperation Between the Region of Lower Normandy and Macedonia

The Programme for decentralized cooperation between the region of Lower Normandy and the Republic of Macedonia was launched in 2006, and its primary goal was to incite and contribute to the international cooperation between the two territories. It is an innovative cooperation involving various stakeholders on several levels: local, regional and national. This institutional cooperation for development of the local democracy is conducted by the Regional Council of Lower Normandy and the Ministry of Local Self-Government of the Republic Macedonia.  The decentralized cooperation between the region of Lower Normandy and the Republic of Macedonia is realized through a three-year program ...

Freedom on the Internet

The activities of this project will aim to increase the capacity of the target groups for online activism through blogging in general, with а special emphasis on anonymous blogging, as well as online journalism, depending on the circumstances of the different target groups. This approach consists of two components: knowledge and skills on one hand, and on the other hand, motivation to use them. While the technical aspects are essential, because the use of new media enables faster and broader multilateral communication, the moral aspect is critical to the project success.

Open Educational Resources Initiative

The overall project goal is to contribute to the development of critical thinking and democratization in Macedonia through the constructive use of new technologies as tools to increase the quantity and quality of educational, scientific and academic e-content.

International Conference e-Society.mk

Metamorphosis aims to raise awareness of opinion and decision makers on national and regional level by bringing together experts, journalists, public officials, and other relevant stakeholders through lectures, conferences, seminars, open debates and online forums. The biggest such project is the annual International Conference e-Society.mk. The conference took place for the first time in 2004.