Growth of eGovernment services in Macedonia

This study shows the enormous growth of eGovernment services in Republic of Macedonia for the period of 2004 up to 2007. It is shown that in comparison to the EU member states and new member states Macedonia has also growing trend and will reach the objectives set in EU states, but at least 5 years later. Plenty of activities have been realized to enable this enormous growth, such as, establishing of National Strategy for Information Society (as possibility for donors to see where Macedonia would like to be and how it will reach the goal), realization of government contract with Microsoft for establishing basic eServices portal, and finally the most beneficial are the donor programs to support Macedonia, especially those by USAID, UNDP and EAR.
This growing tendency shows that now (2007) the Republic of Macedonia has already successfully realized the stage of establishing the infrastructure, and now is realizing the stage of establishing services. We can only comment that now (2007) EU states are in the stage of increasing the usage by establishing more content and interoperable functions. The comparison shows that the stage that Macedonia reaches in 2007 is comparable to the stage that most EU countries have reached in 2001/2002.

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