Visualization – Openness of the judiciary in the region and in North Macedonia

Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, in collaboration with partners from the regional network of NGOs “ACTION SEE”, has prepared the latest study of public policy analyzing the level of transparency, openness, accountability of the judiciary in the Western Balkans.

This visualization presents some of the key findings from the survey of judicial openness in the region and in North Macedonia. According to the Openness Index, the most open court in North Macedonia is the Supreme Court. However, the Public Prosecutor’s Office meets only 4% of the openness indicators and again ranks last in the region.

The entire analysis is available here.

Visualization: Can we recognize digital addiction?

Remember: Excessive use of smartphones can negatively influence your life. Excessive social media use can lead to increased isolation, anxiety, less physical activity, depression, etc. Internet addiction can make it difficult to differentiate between reality and the virtual world, so use it with care. This visualization is available in English, Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian and Montenegrin […]

Proactive disclosure of information: Guidelines and practices

The state is a public matter. It is a general belief that democratic political orders can function optimally only when the public is informed about the work of state authorities and public officials. To achieve this goal, the constitutions of modern states lay down special guarantees, so the citizens in such modern democracies have a […]


Knowledge from research and journalism is the basis for an advocacy initiative that brings together relevant stakeholders (government institutions, media associations, individual media, civil society organizations, the scientific and educational community, and the private sector) to counter the toxic effects of disinformation by creating an effective model with the inclusion of all stakeholders. Empirical data […]

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