Visualization – openness of the judiciary in the region and Macedonia

In cooperation with the partners from the “ACTION SEE” regional NGO network, Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society prepared the policy paper in which we analyze the level of transparency, openness, accountability of the judiciary in the Western Balkans region.

This visualization presents part of the key findings of the research on the openness of the judiciary in the region and Macedonia. According to the Openness Index, most transparent Macedonian court is the Appellate Court Bitola, while the most accessible court is the Supreme Court. However, the public prosecution stands at only 9% fulfillment of the openness indicators and holds the last place in the region, which has an average score of low 27%.

The entire analysis is available here.

Transparency Strategy of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia (2019-2021)

Regional roadmap on good governance for the Western Balkans countries

Between December 2018 and March 2019, the consortium of 6 regional countries as well as the Westminster Foundation for Democracy developed the Regional Openness Index, which served as an indicator regarding the measuring of the level of transparency of governments and ministries of the Western Balkans countries as well as availability of information to citizens. […]

Visualization – Regional openness of institutions in the Western Balkans

Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, in collaboration with partners from the regional network of NGOs “ACTION SEE”, has prepared the latest visualization showing the level of openness of government institutions in the Western Balkans. This visualization presents some of the key findings from the survey on openness in the region and in North Macedonia. […]