We-Go Academies Local Implementation Plans

This deliverable focuses on preparation of implementation plans for e-government related
trainings in the participating West Balkan countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,
Macedonia and Serbia.

The related work is carried out within framework of Task T.3.2.: Localization (Organisational

Concept & Adaptation of curricula), whose objectives are:

– To identify training institutions on a national level.
– To build up organisational framework within these institutions.
– To adapt and translate the curricula, prepared teaching material, and exams according
to demands of a specific country. Owners of the finished localised curricula are the
partnering institutions, who will decide on the execution of the future training.

The implementation plans were, therefore, developed and finalized with the above objectives in mind, and their goal was to enable and facilitate smooth implementation of future training and knowledge dissemination activities.

We-Go eGovernment Academies

We-Go Academies represent training and knowledge transfer concept that may be applied invarious online and offline settings. As such they comprise of:– Structured layout of knowledge localized to satisfy the needs of each of theparticipating WB countries (Curricula);– Training and knowledge content (Courses, Lecture Notes, and Case Studies).This deliverable describes and delivers both the structure […]

We-Go Academies – Executed Trainings

This deliverable reports on the status of training and knowledge transfer in other forms in theparticipating WB countries, Austria and Estonia, in the period between 1 Dec 2006 and 31Nov 2007 plus suspension period (up to July 2008).

We-Go Interoperability Framework

The We-Go project aims at identifying the most recent interoperability status in Western Balkan Countries compared to the European Interoperability Framework guidelines and at developing recommendations of practical use when eGovernment services will be developed and deployed locally in order to achieve pan-European compliance. The deliverable describes in detail per Western Balkan Country – Bosnia […]