Free and Open Source Software



Producing of collection of localized open source applications, in cooperation with the local OSS community, satisfying the basic daily needs of local NGOs and home users, enabling promotion of OSS as efficient, cost-effective and legal software solution for hybrid systems (computers with installed Windows, dominant in both public and private sector).

The package covers the needs in the following areas: office application (text processing, spreadsheet, etc.), internet access (browser, mail/news client), organizer/groupware, image editing and web design, other useful applications (compression, multimedia), etc. It also includes a user-friendly installer program and a booklet with basic instructions for each of the included programs.

The mail distribution channels for the CD are computer magazines and other media, libraries, NGO support centers (in 12 different cities in Macedonia), and the e-riders, IT companies. Selected NGO representatives from various parts of the country will also attend a “training of trainers” seminar, enabling them to teach members of their local communities how to work with the Package.