Free and Fair Elections 2011



The campaign centered around the Code of Conduct for Free and Fair Elections 2011 draws on lessons learned from past elections, calling on party leaders, candidates, and activists to behave in accordance with international election standards.

The project is an online extension to the Free and Fair Election 2011 Campaign, conducted by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) and other domestic civil society organizations. This will be an accompanying segment, considering that there will be a high-profile media campaign as well as grassroots outreach campaign. The overall Code of Conduct 2011 Campaign will be a constant public reminder to political parties, their activists, and also to citizens, of the commitment made by party leaders in signing the Code of Conduct for Free and Fair Elections.

Expected results:

  • Widest (online) publicity to the Code of Conduct for Free and Fair Parliamentary Elections 2011
  • Educated and informed voters
  • Online visibility of violence and intimidation
  • Educated candidates and members of political parties about the Code and their responsibilities under it and with relevant legal provisions
  • Improved media coverage on the importance of free and fair election process