SEE Youth and Media Initiative



The project “Youth and Media” aims at analyzing the position of youth and media in 11 South-East European Countries. Metamorphosis Foundation and Youth Educational Forum, as the lead activity in this project, implemented a research aiming to explore the relations between youth and media. The research investigates the position of youth in media, the needs of youth from media, as well as their integration in media. The research was conducted in Macedonia, as well as in: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece.

This research is the first in the area implemented in 11 countries which depicts the real state of youth and media. The tools used to gather data for the research are: interviews, free access to information requests and questionnaires.

As a result of the implemented research, a more detailed analysis will be published for each country separately, as well as a comparative analysis with the aim to allow every country to compare and advance the youth’s position in media, the perception of the general public and a strengthened participation and frequency in media space with youth problems and policies.

The project finalizes with the organization of the e-Society: Youth and Media conference on February 7th and 8th, 2014.