Youth organizations welcome the withdrawal of the proposed Youth Law

Forty-five youth and civil society organizations welcome the decision of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia to withdraw the proposed Youth Law – considered to be undemocratic and restrictive for the youth by the expert and general public.

The decision was reached late last night, during the open session of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. As announced on the official government profiles on Facebook and Twitter, the Youth Law is being withdrawn from parliamentary procedure in order to conduct a wider consultation with the youth NGOs. The Government reached this decision only half a day after the press-conference of the youth organizations held before the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

The organizations that took the initiative to defend youth participation and submitted proposals to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia for amendments to the proposed law believe that the withdrawal of the draft-text is useful and that it has been done at the right time, before any more damage could be done to youth organization. The organizations highlight that the future process of drafting laws must directly include all youth stakeholders, interested youth organizations and the youth wings of political parties.

The initiators congratulate all 45 organizations for their efforts and commitment and invite all young people to get more interested in youth policies and youth organization on a local and national level. The 45 organizations will continue to actively participate in the analyses and creation of effective solutions to youth problems. They will focus on providing conditions for establishing a National Youth Parliament, as a self-organizing body of all forms of association of young people in Macedonia regardless of their age, political orientation, formal or informal association, ethnic, religious or other affiliation.

If adopted, the current draft-law would have introduced more bureaucracy, control and restrictions for youth organizing, and an additional precedent – the highest representative body of youth in the country would have been the State Youth Council, in which more than half of the members are representatives from ministries of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

The advocacy process against the proposed undemocratic solutions was accompanied by intensive online activities of the youth, sending appeals to the decision makers and tagging them on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Source: mladizakon.org „Младинските организации го поздравуваат повлекувањето на Предлог-законот за млади“ October 31, 2011.

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