Social Innovations

Social innovations represent new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations dealing with social needs of all kinds - working conditions, education, community development, health – and strengthening civil society.

Metamorphosis is working to develop innovative ways of learning, digitization of educational resources, open access that allows free access to peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly journal articles, promotion and distribution of open educational resources, adaptation, localization, creation of guidelines and distribution of open source software . Metamorphosis also encourages the development of e-content in local languages in ​​Macedonia by providing tools for their promotion and creation.

Subprograms within the framework of this program: New Media and Free Culture.


The topic of environment is emphasized during the past several years due to the substantial pollution, harmful gas emissions, the problem with the management of large quantities of waste and many other environmental problems affecting the environment, and affecting the quality of life.

Metamorphosis conducts activities for education and advocacy aimed at raising the awareness about electronic waste as an important issue when it comes to dealing with waste.
Metamorphosis also focuses on green IT – which aims to reduce waste materials, maximize energy efficiency and product life and promote recycling and biodegradability of products and waste.

Subprograms within the framework of this program: E-waste and Green IT.

Human Rights

Human rights and freedoms are the basic criteria reflecting the role of the citizen in a society, and the most concrete indicator of a government's character.

Metamorphosis is committed to the development of democracy and improvement of the quality of life through innovative application and dissemination of knowledge, and supports the use of new technologies for creating new spaces enabling a public debate and exchange of objective information, in parallel with the efforts for increasing digital literacy and fighting hate speech.

Subprograms within the framework of this program: Privacy and Security, Freedom of Expression and Access Rights for All.

Good Governance

Good governance is the way in which public institutions deal with public affairs and manage public funds. Governance is the decision-making process and the process in which decisions are implemented or not.

Metamorphosis works to raise the awareness of opinion makers and decision makers on a national and regional level by gathering local and foreign experts and local journalists, political representatives and other relevant stakeholders at lectures, conferences, seminars, open debates and online forums.

Metamorphosis also helps institutions with solutions and consultations for ICT for development of e-services in order to improve their cooperation with the citizens and encourage citizen engagement in debates on public issues.

Subprograms within the framework of this program: Transparency and Accountability and e-Governance.