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The need to follow the latest trends in the media sphere is an inevitable part of the work of many organizations and experts. Whether the media in focus is traditional or digital, they play an important role in society. Therefore, NGOs and activists need to reap the benefits of effective, strategic, and purposeful public communication.  However, monitoring the work in the media space, and effective communication is not enough. Recognizing misinformation, hate speech, and related malicious presence in the media sphere (including social media) has become a necessary skill for all citizens. Developing critical thinking in a general sense, but especially when it comes to critical analysis of presented media content, is one of the most important and sought-after skills in recent years. The intertwining of privacy and security in the digital world are topics that are always relevant in media circles, activists, civil society organizations, and institutions. Through this set of trainings, the Metamorphosis Foundation focuses on particularly vulnerable categories in the digital sphere - children, students and teenagers, 99% of which use the Internet every day. In addition to these target groups, CSOs, activists, and journalists are often exposed to security risks, and the need for more secure communication and data exchange is essential to them. Working with data, their proper analysis and the use of visualizations for presentation are becoming increasingly sought after skills. CSOs, media workers, activists, and everyone else working with data, or in need of demonstrating the results of their hard work to the general public, are facing a number of technical challenges. Because many citizens are unfamiliar with computer programming (coding) or visualization, technical knowledge seems to be the biggest challenge they face. Through these trainings, the Metamorphosis Foundation successfully overcomes this challenge - for successful data work and visualization you will not need huge technical knowledge! By using a range of free tools, online platforms, a little creativity and patience - you will learn to effectively manage your data and create modern visualizations that will help you present your work in a new light.
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Social Media Advocacy Privacy in the Digital Era From an idea to a visualization: Training for Working with Data (one day)
Media Literacy Modernization of Personal Data Protection Standards From an idea to a visualization: Training for Working with Data (three days)
Dealing with Hate Speech in the Media
Fighting Disinformation