Metamorphosis organises trainings (courses) that may consist of one or more modules that can be combined according to the client. Some of the topics that can be covered by these courses are: using social media for promotion and activism, web journalism, editing of audio and video content, web design and more.

You can use these trainings to address the weaknesses of your organization and improve organizational performance, as well as to achieve consistency and satisfaction among employees.

The benefits of improving the skills of the employees are: improved productivity, more lively and engaged workforce, improved team performance, increased participation and communication as well as for achieving greater trust among the employees.


Better efficiency through Cloud Technologies

These courses offer knowledge about the benefits, risks and recommendations for using cloud technologies and steps how to improve your data center efficiency and cut costs by transitioning to a cloud computing model.

e-Waste Management

These courses offer knowledge  for greener electronics with an overview of the requirements for safe and effective e-waste management. This includes details of the necessary infrastructure as well as the policy and regulatory frameworks that have been used, to address the growing e-waste challenge.

Computer literacy

These course offer you knowledge and ability to utilize computers and related technology efficiently, with a range of skills covering levels from elementary use to programming and advanced problem solving.

Online safety

This course will provide you with advice and guidance to safely enjoy the benefits of the Internet, general information on the Internet as a medium, the opportunities it offers, the dangers it brings and the ways to protect yourself from them.  

Open data

The course on open data offers introduces you to the definition of open data and how to recognize and use them.

Principles of Open Government

Principles of open government courses give you opportunity to learn the governing doctrine which holds that citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government to allow for effective public oversight and also to give you more knowledge on how to access to the workings of government.  

Promotion through social media

Promotion through social media courses center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks. These courses include detailed instructions on how to: Promote your blog content or landing page offers on social media. Increase traffic to your website, and reap the SEO benefits of being active on social media. Publish a message to all of your social media channels at once to save time. Organize your social media publishing schedule, so you can you can make sure your brand has a consistent voice. Track the effectiveness of each of your […]

Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling course refers to a short form of digital media production that allows people learn to share aspects of their life story. “Media” may include the digital equivalent of film techniques (full-motion video with sound), animation, stills, audio only, or any of the other forms of non-physical media (material that exists only as electronic files as opposed to actual paintings or photographs on paper, sounds stored on tape or disc, movies stored on film) which individuals can use to tell a story or present an idea.

Hate speech on Internet

The course is to learn how to detect hate speech online in all its forms, including those that most affect young people, such as cyber-bullying and cyber-hate.The course focuses on the use of social media for social interaction and democratic participation.

Online journalism

With the advancement of electronic media has come increasing demand for responsible journalists – professionals with the skills and knowledge to use new media and to broadcast timely information to the public. In this course, you will learn the rights and responsibilities of news media professionals in a democracy.

Video activism

Through this training, participants will be introduced to the history and significance of video activism, it’s recognition and its role in everyday life. Also, the participants will gain advanced skills for manual camera operation, advanced video editing and production of aesthetically pleasant and powerful videos.


Through this training, participants will be introduced to the history and significance of photo-activism and recognising its role in everyday life. Also, at the training, the participants will gain skills for advanced manual camera management, advanced photo-editing and for capturing aesthetically pleasant and powerful images.

Online activism

The training is offering new insights into the role that activists can play in advocating for a free and open society. The focus is on usage of technology and online tools for mobilizing and organizing supporters and building online communication.