Cosmofon Wants to be Internet Operator

The second mobile operator waits for minister’s signature for one year.

More than a year Ministry of Transport and Communications has no reply to the application of the mobile operator Cosmofon for Internet provider’s concession. Cosmofon claims that they have submitted the application in February 2004, and they still have no reply from the Ministry of Transport and Communications although they meet the requirements.

“We are surprised by the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ behaviour since the procedure and preparation of the documentation for awarding licence for Internet provider are very simple,” said from Cosmofon. They added that they have not even received any notice that their application is not valid.

Telecommunications Office claims that they have sent reply to the Cosmofon’s application in March last year. The Office informed the Ministry that it had approved the operator’s application. But, since the minister of transport did not sign the approval, in the following 10 months the Office reminded the Ministry that the Cosmofon’s application had been approved. The procedure remained blocked, and Ministry of Transport and Communications cannot answer why the minister has not signed the approval.

“The minister will reply to the application of the operator for Internet provider,” said Lidija Stancheva, spokesperson of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. She stressed that the new minister Xhemail Mehazi said that he will sign the delayed application, as well as all other documents waiting for his signiture.

If the former minister, Agron Buxhaku, had signed the approval, the operator would have paid 7.500 euros for obtaining five-year concession for Internet operator and to pay additional 1.500 euros each year. This means that the total fees for Internet provider for five years are 15.000 euros.

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