Dutch to share new municipal records database solution

The Dutch interior ministry will make available the source code of its next generation municipal records database solution (mGBA).

On 7 November, Member of the Dutch parliament Roald van der Linde, asked the Interior Minister to make the code open source. “The Minister replied positively, and we’re now figuring out how to best share this application”, a spokesperson for the ministry confirmed earlier today, without providing further details.

The Dutch government started working on its next generation municipal personal records database in 2009. The database system contains records of everyone who lived or has lived in the country and is used for all kinds of public administration purposes, including passports, ID cards, driving licences, voter eligibility and social benefits. The current system is unable to handle all registration needs. Some sources say up to two million inhabitants could be inadequately registered.

The mGBA is one of the projects included in a parliamentary investigation into problems occurring in governmental ICT that started earlier this year. The renovation of the municipal records database has been criticised by experts involved in the modernisation for not delivering any concrete results.

Source: Joinup.eu „Dutch to share new municipal records database solution“ November 18, 2013


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