ICT 2013: eHealth in the spotlights

From 6 to 8 November, ‘ICT2013: Create, Connect, Grow‘ took place in Vilnius.

As one of the biggest events during the Lithuanian Presidency it brought together more than 5.000 people. Next to launching the Horizon 2020 work program, eHealth was discussed.

At ICT 2013 the latest ICT realities and projects were shown. It was a place for learning, sharing, networking and also inventing new technologies.

Watch the videos to find out what happened these three days here.

Best exhibition stand

Participants could vote for their favourite exhibition stand. They chose the EU-funded eHealth project MD-Paedigree as overall winner.

MD-Paedigree stands for Model-Driven European Paediatric Digital Repository. The project (www.md-paedigree.eu) brings together (anonymised) clinical information about paediatric patients in a federated Big Data Cloud. This information is then analysed to provide clinicians with personalised prediction, simulation and decision support tools.

The stand displayed a graphical social medical network, the portal to MD-Paedigree’s innovative data storage: an interconnected, dynamic and global map. By interacting with the system via tablets or mobile phones provided on the stand, visitors could identify interesting similarities, use automatic data curation tools, visualise treatment outcomes, personalise simulations, find related journal articles and display animated 3D models.

The demonstration was based on anonymised routine clinical data of over 100.000 patients, extracted from a Europe-wide network of participating medical centres.

Source: Europe’s Information Society “ICT 2013: eHealth in the spotlights” November 11, 2013

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